'What's that?' - Kererū, Takahē, Tūi and Pīwakawaka A4 and A3 print

Here's John's first ever artwork featuring more than two native bird species together. The Kererū, Takahē, Tūi and Pīwakawaka all sit comfortably in one another's company surrounded by richly coloured flax, and dainty mānuka flowers.

The original artwork that these prints have been taken from measured 80cm in diameter and was hand drawn by John using high quality coloured pencils. The grain and tones that come from the timber canvas work beautifully alongside the deep colours and detail of the drawing.

There is an incredible amount of detail in these prints and they can be enjoyed in any space. They make wonderful gifts.

The prints are upon a beautifully textured ragstock paper, and each one is hand signed by John. The round artwork sits centrally upon the page with a white border. They all come carefully packaged to ensure they get to you in perfect condition.