The Kanuka Glen Art Native Plant Project

If you follow me on social media you will know that I am very passionate about re-establishing native forest for the benefit of our native birds. That is why I'm very excited to be announcing the 2022 establishment of the 'Kanuka Glen Art Native Plant Project'. 


I've spent the past few years planting up my own 2ha ex forestry block in rural Tasman. This is an ongoing project that is starting to show real signs of success. So as well as continuing with my own personal project, I've decided now is the time to start trying to make a difference elsewhere.

To me this means getting involved with and making donations to similar projects taking place locally. I aim to get my hands dirty, get to know others with the same passion, learn as much as I possibly can, and share regular progress updates through social media.

Thinking about what could be achieved by starting this project really excites me. I've seen first hand the difference it makes by simply making an effort to plant a garden on a bare piece of land. I used to watch birds fly past our place because there was nothing here for them. But in just three years we've created a small haven that offers them food and shelter. So now we're visited regularly by a number of native birds and it's amazing to see!

My initial fund raising efforts will be to donate 5% of my annual profits to native plant projects. This money will go towards purchasing native plants and the equipment needed to get them safely in the ground. I am also working on additional methods of raising funds which I hope to announce in the coming weeks/months.

This is a project I've dreamed of starting for a long time now and I'm really excited to be able to finally get it off the ground.

Thank you,