Kakapo Framed

Prints with a black Perspex frame compliment any interior style with elegance. A white inner matboard keeps everything looking sleek and polished. 

Size = 8" x 12" (20.3cm x 30.5cm)

The inspiration for this piece came from a chance visit to John's Nelson Market stall from a young man who had just finished some conservation work with the Kakapo.  To John's amazement the young man produced a paper bag filled with Kakapo feathers.  The soft fluffy feathers featured some of the most beautiful colours and patterns that John had seen, so he had to head straight home and create a Kakapo in his own style.

The soft gaze of the kakapo matches the softness of it's feathers.  This is a very appealing piece.

  • Materials: black MDF frame and backing, clear Perspex insert cover
  • 200 gsm, FSC-certified paper
  • White inner matboard

Please note that these framed artworks can take a few weeks to arrive as they are put together in Australia.

Black Frame