Kererū pair in māhoe

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This greedy pair of kererū pause their snacking to check out the new visitor (you) to their favourite māhoe tree. 

This is an image from John's most recent 'Birds at Home' collection. The inspiration for this collection comes from John's ongoing conservation efforts upon his own 2ha block of land in Tasman. When he took the land on it was a barren ex forestry block covered in gorse and bramble. John works hard to cover the majority of the land with regenerating native bush to create a safe haven for the local native birds to thrive in. 

These artworks will work beautifully in any setting, and make excellent gift options. They have been designed to look great individually or look even better as a set. 

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The digital image sits within a white border on the page.  These high quality reproductions are all printed locally within New Zealand, and come with a sturdy backing in a protective sleeve.

John specialises in creating artworks that are accessible and familiar to all kiwis. He thrives on creating images that can enable anyone to become an art lover. By creating these images and sharing stories of his conservation efforts he hopes to be able to encourage others to do what they can to assist in protecting our native birds.

These are photo composite artworks where John has combined his hand drawn native bird artworks with scenes created with photos from across New Zealand.