Solid Panel Fixing Clips

These solid panel fixing clips makes your solid panel art installation easy and secure. Designed to enhance the appearance of your art, this kit ensures your art is securely connected to the wall.
  • Cushioned bumper.
  • Chrome plate on brass for decorative appearance and weatherproofing.
  • Self drill screws and wall plugs included for easy installation.

These are suitable for hanging every size of my solid panel weatherproof art either indoors or outdoors. Mark out the four corners of a square that matches your chosen artwork size (use square sizing guide below) and then screw the clips in to the wall creating a cradle for your artwork to sit in. The non sprung clips should be at the bottom. This is a very solid and permanent option so you should be sure of where you are choosing to locate your artwork. I recommend using a set square and spirit level for the job and pre drilling the screw holes and using wall plugs to ensure a secure attachment. If you are unsure about your abilities it would be a good idea to enlist the help of a handy person.