Grey Warbler with Manuka Flowers Framed

Prints with a black Perspex frame compliment any interior style with elegance. A white inner matboard keeps everything looking sleek and polished. 

Size = 8" x 12" (20.3cm x 30.5cm)

One of John's favourite birds to see is the Grey Warbler.  They're shy birds that you really have to look for, so it's a lovely reward when you do get to see them.

It was the Grey Warbler's shyness that inspired John to create this piece.  He'd been wanting to create a large piece with some bright pink manuka flowers for a long while but couldn't decide which bird to use.  The thought of putting the shy Grey Warbler front and centre in a bold and punchy piece entertained John so that's how it came together.

The original piece was drawn using high quality coloured pencils upon a recycled rimu canvas.

  • Materials: black MDF frame and backing, clear Perspex insert cover
  • 200 gsm, FSC-certified paper
  • White inner matboard

Please note that these framed artworks can take a few weeks to arrive as they are put together in Australia.

Black Frame